Thursday, September 24, 2020

— Your 100 Years —

of Sunraysia Daily

First air mail service

QUARTER of an hour ahead of schedule, and carrying two passengers and a small quantity of mail, the black and yellow twin-motored D. H. Dragon Rapide plane of Adelaide Air Service, which will shortly be merged with other companies into Australian National Airways, shot down to a perfect three-point landing at the Mildura aerodrome at 2pm yesterday, and after a brief stay hopped off on the last stage of its inaugural air-mail flight from Adelaide to Melbourne, via Renmark and Broken Hill.

Leaving Parafield aerodrome, Adelaide at 9am (South Australian time), the 'plane, piloted by Captain Gaton Kirkman, and carrying three passengers, arrived at Renmark one hour later, after flying almost head-on into a 20-mile-an-hour wind for the greater part of the way.