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The Spirit of Youth – Miss Olive Rigby - April 26, 1923

Originally published April 26, 1923

Miss Olive Rigby is a shapely youngster, the picture of health, straight, supple, with a springy step and graceful alertness in every movement. 

Her photograph does her less than justice, though the suggestion of boyish handsomeness rather than of girlish prettiness is true to life.  She has an abundance of think, straight hair, of very dark brown; and that and her deep steel-blue eyes, very bright and large, convey as does her figure, the idea of abounding health and virility. 

Her nose is straight and good, and her small red-lipped mouth, and shapely chin, are far better than the photo, would suggest. 

Miss Rigby is an entirely engaging kid, with a face that mirrors a clean mind and a sweet mental outlook; and her own personality is undoubtedly one of the big factors in her success in the Beauty Contest.

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