Wednesday, September 30, 2020

— Your 100 Years —

of Sunraysia Daily

The Ballarat Beauty – Mrs G. Milnes

Mrs G. Milnes (Nellie to her intimates) though nominated in due time came late into the field of beauty contestants; but when she appeared before a Mildura audience, the golden-haired stranger girl with the wonderful eyes and the faultless face created something like a furore. 

In the popularity contest Mrs Milnes is handicapped in being an unknown, but the charm of her own personality will win her friends wherever she goes. 

The photograph is a remarkably fine likeness as well as a picture, but it cannot even suggest Mrs. Milne’s coloring, or attest the quality of her skin.

This little lady, still only in her teens, has a full head of bobbed golden hair, deep grey eyes – startlingly large and beautiful, a perfect mouth full of pearly little white teeth; and her skin is as fine and as delicate in coloring as artist could desire. 

She is, emphatically, one of the beauties of the contest.

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