Sweet Seventeen - Miss Sylvia Jones

Miss Sylvia Jones attracts attention at the first glance, by reason of her lovely coloring; and a second glance discovers that she has also almost classic features. 

Modelled on fine lines, a slim child-woman, she stands "with reluctant feet where the brook and river meet" - not too reluctant of course! 

A pure blonde, her skin is wonderfully fine. and. with her rose-and-milk complexion, her amber hair - fine as floss silk and as sheeny - she is distinctly decorative. 

Miss Jones has a pair of clear blue-grey eyes, a mouth small, dainty, and red-lipped, and the oval of her face is all that could be desired. 

Fortunately for her, where many fail she excels, for with a nose and chin having almost patrician grace her profile is as satisfying as her full face - a fact that the beauty judges will not fail to note.

At rest Miss Jones's expression has in it a quality of wistfulness; animated, it is full of dazzling charm - as the photograph more than suggests, her dimpled smile is a thing of rare beauty. 

In the blonde class, and especially among the younger contestants, who have not yet reached the zenith of their beauty, Sylvia Jones - "sweet seventeen" - will take some beating.