LETTER: Hospital doing well as it is

THANK you Michael Hickey for some real percentages and statistics regarding the Mildura Base Hospital.

It’s all very well to quote all these huge improvements and services, but words are easy to write. Where are all the government managed hospitals that can boast such great care and services?

Just recently, we were told the majority of government managed hospitals are not meeting their targets and I’ve yet to hear of one that has abundant money or staff.

I personally have had to have care and attention constantly over a 16-month period, both as in­patient and outpatient at Mildura and the services were second to none. The valuable use and access to teleconference appointments with specialists ensured the very best care and attention.

The staff deserve credit for their professional service, patience and understanding. 

A transfer back to government management will not happen without a great cost, I feel.

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