Mildura inspector: We all have a role to play

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EVERYONE has a role to play to ensure public safety and order in uncertain times, according to Mildura police Inspector Rebecca Olsen.

Insp Olsen said as the community gained a greater understanding about measures implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, police would be required to enforce containment measures including bans on indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Victoria Police has established a coronavirus enforcement squad of 500 officers to ensure the measures are followed, largely across metropolitan Melbourne.

Insp Olsen said local police would be on the ground to ensure compliance throughout the region and as part of wider community expectations.

She urged members of the public to remain calm during what can be an anxious period.

"We will have couples and families at home and children on school holidays as well," Insp Olsen said.

"It may well be a scenario that was unplanned and may also be, at times, tense and anxious in a confined area.

"Our response to public safety and order is something we have been preparing for and everyone has a part to play."