We’re here to serve you into a new era

COUNTRY people have always placed great value on their local news.

And that will never change.

It's why I'm forever buoyant about the future of newspapers and the role they play in their communities.

For 99 years, Sunraysia Daily has stood side-by-side with our community, delivering news that our readers trust, which is everything in a changing world of social media misinformation.

More than ever, people are placing value in quality journalism. We see that every day in the number of eyeballs that are viewing Sunraysia Daily across our print and online platforms.

And it's why this week we have opened another exciting chapter in the storied history of this community's newspaper with the launch of our new website.

Like newspapers all over the world, Sunraysia Daily has adapted to the changing way people consume news and information.

Audiences are increasingly reading local news on their smartphones, tablets or office computers, so this new website ensures we can continue to deliver the coverage our community deserves.

It allows readers to keep in touch with news anywhere, anytime, which is an expectation of modern society.

Personally, I love the diversity that comes with newspapers in the modern era.

There is still nothing better than reading the print product first thing in the morning over a coffee and being able to pick it up at any time during the day.

But it's also great to jump online on your lunch break, or after you finish dinner, to keep on top of any breaking news during the day.

Our new, comprehensive digital product aims to keep you in the know throughout your day.

We invite you to become a Sunraysia Daily member, not simply to support our work, but to get stories in full, breaking news, exclusive content, videos and more.

To stay on top of the headlines, you can become a Basic Member free -- this includes a daily news email delivered to your inbox.

We also offer a Pay As You Go Member plan, which allows you to choose the stories you are interested in.

And for those who want unlimited news experience, we offer the All Access Member package, for less than the price of two cups of coffee a week.

For almost 100 years, this newspapers has been part of your lives on a daily basis. For the next 100, we will be with you 24/7.