Oregon not a reliable source on climate

Quoting the Oregon Petition as a source of informed opinion about climate change is ridiculous.

The Oregon Petition was promoted by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, a quite small independent research group, in 1998 and is quoted by climate change sceptics frequently. Its 9000-plus PhD signatories are predominantly qualified in engineering, not climate science; and its original author, Arthur G. Robinson, claimed more than 30,000 signatories (most with degrees) but failed to provide any peer-reviewed climate research these signatories had published. In addition, his most prominent supporter, Frederick Seitz, was publically rebuked by the National Academy of Sciences USA, which Seitz had previously led. The academy stated that the Oregon Petition failed to meet peer-review standards and did not reflect the findings of its own qualified expert climate scientists.

Sunraysia Daily

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