Smoke from Gippsland fires reaches Mildura

MILDURA has been cloaked by a thick haze of smoke on Tuesday morning, as bushfires continue to tear through the country.

Bureau of Meterology senior forecaster Michael Efron said south-easterly winds across Victoria were transporting the smoke across northern and western Victoria.

He said the visibility had been reduced to about 2-3km across most of the north-west, as well as 2km at Mildura Airport this morning.

"That is as a result of that smoke being transported by those south-easterly winds from southern, south-eastern Victoria particularly the Gippsland region," Mr Efron said.

"With a bit of heating later this morning and into the afternoon we should see a slight improvement in conditions, but still remaining hazy for the rest of the day.

"It is certainly at its worst during the morning when conditions are a bit more stable."

The whole of the Mallee has been affected by the smoke, which has also reached western NSW and eastern South Australia.