Friday, September 25, 2020

Peeps in the Past: Mildura interest with Olympic swimmers

August 2-8, 2020. Presented by Mildura and District Historical Society. Compiled by Ann Ziguras and Sue Kelly for Mildura Rural City Council Library Service.

100 years ago

OLYMPICS: Mildura has a personal interest in the doings of the Australian Olympic team, which arrived in England last week. Ivan Stedman, of the Mildura and Melbourne swimming clubs, is a member, being specially selected to compete in the World's 100 athlete championship. He was considered the best man (after F. Beaurepaire, also well known in Mildura) in the four-man team for the world's 800-yard teams championship. On the voyage to South Africa extremely rough weather was experienced, all members of the team showing a peculiar tendency for gazing over the rail at the swirling waters and a strong dislike of company while doing so. Few of the team were able to do themselves full justice in the carnival; arranged by the Durban Swimming Club and Associated Sporting Clubs. Early in the afternoon a big crowd gathered on the Durban Oval, when the runners, walkers, et cetera competed against local men. Of the Aussies, W. Hunt, the sprint runner, did best, winning both the 100 yards handicap in 10 1/5th seconds and 220 handicap in 23 seconds. An adjournment was made to the Beach Baths, the attendance being a record one. The Natal Mercury reports in the 100 yards F.E. Beaurepaire made the dash, the fastest ever done in South Africa. In the 100 yards Stedman unfortunately went out of his course when travelling on level terms with Beaurepaire in the last lap. F. Beaurepaire also won the 200 yards handicap, Stedman not being well enough to compete. Miss Beaurepaire won the ladies' race. (4.7.1920)

Sunraysia Daily

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