Peeps in the Past: Plenty of uses for grapes in prohibition

June 28-July 4, 2020. Presented by Mildura and District Historical Society. Compiled by Judi Hyde and Sue Kelly for Mildura Rural City Council Library Service.

100 years ago

EVENTS: Prohibition is not to ruin the grape growers after all, as they can still make raisins and sell grape juice, said Dr J. Shadner, of the USA Bureau of Plant Industry, in his talk at the Shire Hall. He has a plan for making something as good as cotton oil out of grape seeds. The oil product is edible, nutritional and can be a rival for olive oil for cooking and a dressing. Mr Tennyson Smith continues his address in the Shire Hall saying Australia was behind in the matters of prohibition drawing a lesson from the abolition of slavery in the USA that eventually the North and the South were bound to admit that humanity counted more than dollars. The day was not far distant when the people of Australia would recognise this and vote prohibition for the sake of the growing children, weaker men and women. Also in the Shire Hall, about 400 people attended a peace celebration last Sunday as although 19½ months had elapsed since the Armistice was declared, the actual declaration of peace was not made until June 28, 1919 (a year prior to the holding of this service) and it is sincerely hoped the world would never again be called to undergo such trials and hardships as the Great War occasioned. (30.6.1920)

Sunraysia Daily

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