Friday, September 25, 2020

Avoid Mildura hospital for two days unless “necessary”

THE Mildura public is being asked to only use the Mildura Base Public Hospital if it's "absolutely necessary" on Monday and Tuesday.

The hospital will return to public hands on Tuesday after being privately managed by Ramsay Health for the past two decades.

Interim chair Bob Cameron on Sunday described the transition as the "largest and most complex health IT switch in Victoria since the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre was opened in 2016".

"The biggest changes at Mildura Base Public Hospital are the ones you can't see," Mr Cameron said.

"In IT alone we're bringing across more than 100 new IT applications, nearly 400 new computers, 500-plus screens, more than 1600 data ports and 250 new Wi-Fi access points.

"Monday and Tuesday will be intense, and we've agreed with Ramsay Health Care to implement the hospital's standard incident management process from 9pm Monday."

Mr Cameron said the hospital would function with a heightened focus on managing the "IT cutover".

"It's a wise precaution for the hospital to operate on a high level of preparedness for disruption," he said.

"Everybody in Mildura can help by only using the hospital or its services if it's absolutely necessary.

"If you don't need to be there and can stay away for Monday and Tuesday, please do that while we're managing this transition.

"But, if you do need us – then, please, don't stay away."

The new signs for the Mildura Base Public Hospital started going up at the weekend ahead of Tuesday's historic transition.