School visitor permit introduced for NSW border

A PERMIT category for students to take "the most practicable direct route" between their home and school is expected to allow for travel on the Sturt Highway for education purposes.

Under the new border zone rules, which started Wednesday, students who lived in Robinvale but studied in Mildura were initially told they would have to travel through Hattah to get to school.

The advice was due to a large stretch of the Sturt Highway falling outside the border zone.

Using the "day school visitor" permit, which is an option on the Service NSW website, students who are residents of Victoria were allowed to enter NSW for their education.

Member for Mildura Ali Cupper said in a Facebook video that she had received advice from Service NSW this would cover travelling for education.

Parents or guardians accompanying students, teachers and other workers such as cleaners or bus drivers could apply for the same permit.

The permit also extended to NSW residents who were attending school in Victoria.

"The day school visitor must travel by the most practicable direct route between their place of residence and the school," the Service NSW website stated.