No, there was not a coronavirus case at Mildura Central

MILDURA Central has denied rumours there was a case of COVID-19 in the shopping centre.

A Mildura Central spokeswoman said a rumour started circulating on social media that someone in the centre had coronavirus.

The spokeswoman said the rumour started after people noticed police redirecting traffic on Fifteenth Street and San Mateo Avenue after a grape spill.

Unfortunately the scene was misconstrued and rumours claimed the centre had gone into lockdown early Wednesday afternoon.

The spokeswoman said people then claimed the shopping centre should not be operating as more than 100 people could gather in it.

The Mildura Central spokeswoman said the centre was exempt from this as it provided multiple services the community needed to access.

"We don't want our retailers to struggle," the spokeswoman said.

"Now more than ever they need people to help keep them operating."

The spokeswoman said the shopping centre was taking extra precautions regarding the virus, including hiring an extra cleaner.