Sunraysia Daily Kids’ Club: Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions cover all entries and members of the Sunraysia Daily Kids’ Club. Prizes are offered via entry forms appearing on the Sunraysia Daily Kids’ Club page appearing every Thursday inside the Sunraysia Daily newspaper.

To be eligible for any prize the child must be a Kids’ Club member and aged 12 or under.  Entries are open to all Kids’ Club members other than employees of the Elliott Newspaper Group of companies and their immediate families.

Closing dates for entries and winners publication date is indicated on page entry forms.  Prize draws are conducted at the Sunraysia Daily offices and winners are chosen randomly apart from colouring-in and artwork entries.

Colouring and artwork entries will be judged on criteria relative to the current competition tasks and is at the discretion of the Sunraysia Daily Kids’ Club coordinator.

Entry forms submitted by post or delivered to our office must be received on an original newspaper entry form.  No photocopies are accepted.  More than one original newspaper entry form can be submitted.  Please only list one name on each entry form.

Entries can be emailed to the Kids’ Club as a photo or scanned image of the completed entry form from the newspaper.  Email entries will be restricted to one per member.

Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

Kids’ Club members may also submit their own drawings, letters and photos via mail or email for a chance to be published in our mailbag.  Mail to appear on the page will be placed in a queue to appear, not all mail can be published.  Prizes awarded for mail appearing on the page will be one per entry/family.  Mailbag movie passes are valid at Wallis Cinemas Mildura for 2 months and cannot be used within 2 weeks of no-free-list movies.

Kids’ Club members can receive either a Member of the Month or Birthday Cake monthly prize.  These winners are chosen from the list of Kids’ Club members and members who keep in regular contact via entries and mail to Elly are more likely to be chosen to win these prizes.

All entries become the property of the Elliott Newspaper Group.  Some mail and winners’ photos may be displayed on the Sunraysia Daily website

Any Kids’ Club membership information provided to Sunraysia Daily will be treated as confidential.  It will not be used for any other purpose than for the Kids’ Club and will not be disclosed to other parties without the consent of the parent/guardian.  All information is deleted when the child reaches 13 and the membership has expired.