Thursday, September 24, 2020

— Your 100 Years —

of Sunraysia Daily

Red Cliff’s Glowing Girl – Miss Margaret Irwin

Miss Margaret Irwin brings some warm color into the Beauty Contest, for her face is framed in a great mass of rich auburn hair – truly a crown of glory. 

Miss Irwin is a fine-figured girl, as the photograph suggests, for it illustrates the dignity of strength and grace in the stand of the hand and the curves of neck and shoulders. 

The photograph has lost some of the sweet expression of the fact and the shadows make the mouth look larger than it is; but Miss Irwin can thank the photographer for doing justice to her fine large open blue eyes. 

All the face is good, but the eloquent eyes and the ruddy hair are Miss Irwin’s great beauty assets. 

She appears to be the only rufous-headed girl in the beauty procession, so she will be in class apart with the judge puts on his considering cap.

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