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Artist inspired by Mungo's natural beauty
SYDNEY-based artist April White has only been in Sunraysia for a few days and has already found the inspiration she needed to start on her next body of work.

The Art Vault artist-in-residence arrived with no plans but after visiting Mungo National Park she was filled with ideas.

"I love exploring different parts of Australia and even after backpacking when I first arrived 15 years ago from Canada, I never made it to Mildura," she said.

"I didn't know what to expect but after exploring Mungo I am already inspired by the desert, so I have plans to draw landscapes inspired by that.

"I am also interested in the birds and there are some amazing birds here."

White said she was delighted to discover many of the birds featured in her new exhibition Flight Path on display at The Art Vault also live in Sunraysia.

"I was so excited to see many of the same birds here since arriving," White said.

Flight Path features a large collection of multi-layered, vibrant-coloured acrylic paintings, aimed to "remind us of the changing connection between humans and nature."

"These paintings come to us at a time that more of us experience nature through a screen than in real life," White said.

"The electronic glitch effect that draws on bird colour, reminds us that like the video image, these birds can suddenly disappear.

"But rather than carry a sense of threat about this predicament, these works deliver a sense of calm wisdom. There is a poise and eye-contact that speaks to strength."It's a fragile relationship with the natural world in a digital age."

White hopes the paintings will leave those who view them with a glimmer of hope.

"I want to remind people that they are out there and they are very important," she said.

"They are amazing creatures."

Flight Path will remain on display at The Art Vault until December 9.