LETTER: Don’t break the rules, grow other crops

Some difficult realities need to be addressed. 

The dried fruit and vegetable farms are full of illegal immigrants. They are often working six days a week, with no superannuation or taxes paid by their employers. 

The organisations that support these farms all break the federal and state laws on accommodation, OH&S, workers rights, immigration and Australian taxation.

If their argument is they need the workers for the picking and pruning, grow different crops. Invest in Australian workers. 

Modern slavery is alive and well in Sunraysia. 

It will never be shown in the tourist magazines or action undertaken by Mildura council. 

Time for ethical and open debate on how we employ and accommodate pickers. 

The secret workforce is one of the reasons it is nearly impossible to find rental accommodation in Robinvale and Mildura. 

Time for Australian Border Force to do checks and raids and arrest farm owners found with illegal workers on their farms.

James Taylor,