LETTER: Basin rivers system a matter of survival

With the almost total demise of the Darling River and the imminent death of the Murrumbidgee River, how long before the Murray shares the same fate? 

In what may be one of the most severe ecological disasters of our time the NSW government is bracing for more and bigger fish kills in the Murray-Darling Basin system as the weather warms up. 

Yet the federal Liberal/National government is still in denial and afraid of the questions which will need to be answered by a real 

investigation into the mismanagement and maladministration of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Much the same as they denied the need for the banking royal commission.

At our recent monthly meeting the Mildura and District Labor party branch passed the following motion: “That the Mildura and district branch of the ALP strongly encourages the Victorian Government to demand the Federal Government immediately initiates a Royal Commission into the apparent maladministration and corruption surrounding the MDP Plan”.

If the local Liberal Party has indeed started talking to the community and having internal discussions about the important issues, then will its support our motion by moving a similar motion directed to their Federal masters? 

This is indeed a fight for our survival, and if the local Liberals are serious about standing up for their community they need to back a royal commission before it is too late!

Peter Byrne,

Mildura and District Labor Party branch president