LETTER: Climate change is all our problem to address

As a family farming business, we are constantly making decisions towards our future. But how can we make smart and decisive plans for our future while in a national policy vacuum around climate change?

The release last week of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on Climate Change and Land once again showed that the food and forestry industries are a critical part of the problem – as well as the solution.

It showed too that we are heading for a catastrophe if continue operating on a business as usual basis.

That message was reinforced on ABC television on Sunday when our national broadcaster ran the documentary Climate Change: the facts.

It’s abundantly clear that we as a community must take a stand. 

As humans we have this incredible ability to ignore, deny or wish away the inevitable. However, we cannot hide from the fact that man-made climate change is an extreme risk and we are extremely vulnerable.

We can’t stop climate change entirely but we can limit its impact if we act strong and fast. No action is no longer an option.

Wake up Sunraysia this is us they are talking about. We’re already feeling the impacts – our climate is hotter and drier than ever before.

Check your facts, step out, step up, start conversations, drag politicians into formulating serious climate action. There’s no time to waste.

Andrew Young, 

Wemen farmer and Farmers for Climate Action member