Taxi driver made to pay for crash

A TAXI driver, who ran into a parked car and waited 10 minutes for someone to approach him about it, says in retrospect, he could have done more.

Sukhwinder Bhagat Jaiswal pleaded guilty to failing to leave his details following a collision in November last year. 

The Mildura Magistrates’ Court heard Jaiswal, a taxi driver since 2016, was dropping off a customer just before midnight.

After the passenger got out of the car and went into his house, Jaiswal reversed and crashed into the man’s parked car. 

The court was told a neighbour heard the crash and peered out of his window, where he saw Jaiswal surveying both cars for damage. 

Jaiswal said he didn’t know if he had hit another car or the gutter and didn’t know what to do in the event of a crash.

The accused then sat in his car for 10 minutes waiting for someone to come outside, however when no one did, he left the scene without leaving his details. 

His defence counsel, Hugh Middleton, said Jaiswal could see the neighbour looking out the window and thought it may have been his car, prompting Magistrate Michael Coghlan to question why he wouldn’t just knock on the man’s door.

Mr Middleton said his client accepted he could have done more and had since been back to the house offering to pay compensation, however had not yet handed over any money. 

Jaiswal was placed on an undertaking to ensure he would pay the $650 in damages and must contribute $500 to the court fund. 

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