LETTER: No long-term plan in handing out grants

THE biggest problem with any drought in Australia is not the lack of water. 

The biggest problem is the abundance of politicians bucketing out drought relief, with no long-term drought plan, then, back in the ‘big smoke’, saying the only real solution is rain.

That’s like a Mum saying to a small child, you don’t need a bath tonight, you’ll only get dirty again tomorrow, you only need a bath when you get really dirty.

Everyone says you can bank on us having a drought somewhere in Australia fairly regularly. But as a whole we don’t really bank on it, we don’t bank or save anything for the next drought.

Our farmers have little water to bank or save because no government or bureaucracy in this country has ever been able to fairly manage our surprisingly vast water resources.

Will this ever change?

Yes, it may change, if shoppers pay more for perhaps the best food in the world. This will break the vicious, unsustainable economic cycle supermarkets have set up.

And yes it may change if politicians pay less attention to band aiding the present and more attention to piping, banking, saving our water and farming future. They must horse trade less, and harness more of our water resources.

Or, in about two generations time, China will definitely do all of the above for themselves and us. The choice is up to the people of Australia, now.

Ron Fielding,