Bricks thrown in car dispute

TWO bricks were thrown through a lounge room window by two neighbours in a Red Cliffs neighbourhood dispute.

Nicholas McMahon pleaded guilty to his role in the offending before Mildura Magistrates’ Court this week.

In January the victim asked McMahon’s co-accused, another neighbour, to move her car from a shared driveway so he could get his vehicles out of a shed, the court was told.

Despite the co-accused agreeing, she left, failing to move her car.

In response, the victim pushed the co-accused’s vehicle up the driveway so he could get his cars past.

When the co-accused got home and saw what had been done, she threw a brick through the victim’s lounge room window while the victim was inside with his young son.

The court heard McMahon then became involved, throwing another brick through the victim’s window before taking a hammer to the victim’s four CCTV cameras, causing $740 worth of damage.

In an interview, McMahon admitted to the damage. His counsel told the court he had a cannabis and alcohol addiction at the time and was drinking a slab of beer a day.

McMahon was placed on a good behaviour bond for six months and must complete 25 hours of unpaid community work over three months.

He must also pay $740 in damages to the victim and $300 to the court fund, which is distributed among local charities.

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