Nude shot costs cash-wrapped woman

A WOMAN has been charged after posing naked for a photo while draped in $100 notes, believed to be the proceeds of drug trafficking.

Magistrate Gerard Lethbridge told Mildura Magistrate’s Court this week he would give Patricia Coe the benefit of the doubt, saying he believed she was not involved in the criminal activity that led to receiving the $5000 cash.

He said it was an all too “classic image” of someone draped in cash potentially with the purpose of uploading the photo to social media.

On January 11 police searched Coe and co-accused Daniel Sanders’ premises, locating an envelope with the cash and receipts for a Nintendo gaming console.

The court heard earlier that week Sanders had produced a “wad of cash” while the pair were at a motel, prompting Coe to take part in a naked photo shoot in which she covered herself in the $100 notes.

In a police interview, Coe said she had never seen that much money before.

Her defence counsel said she had a limited criminal history and played a very minor role in the offending, saying Sanders had received a five-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to drug trafficking.

Mr Lethbridge said he accepted Coe was momentarily in possession of the money during the photo.

Coe was convicted and fined $500.

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