Assaults came in two weeks together

A MAN had known a woman for just two weeks when he assaulted her a second time, a court has heard.

Lars Brodin yesterday pleaded guilty to four charges including two counts of ­unlawful assault, before Mildura Magistrates’ Court.

The court was told Brodin was drinking alcohol in December when he began questioning his girlfriend, who he had known for just two weeks, about her previous relationships.

The conversation angered Brodin, prompting him to throw items including a cigarette lighter and keys at his girlfriend, before spitting in her face and punching her in the back.

The victim reported the offence to ­police, and also reported an ­incident from a week earlier, when Brodin punched her in the arm, leaving a bruise.

On June 22 this year, the accused was arrested after calling 000 and ­reporting he had been assaulted by his partner.

When police arrived at the Red Cliffs address, Brodin claimed the victim “may have” punched him in the eye while he was asleep, however he did not have any injuries and continually changed his ­version of events, the court was told.

He was unable to stand due to his drunken state and was taken back to the police cells to sober up before being interviewed.

Defence counsel Peter Delorenzo said Brodin had begun counselling and asked the court to impose a community correct­ions order.

Magistrate Gerard Lethbridge said it did not matter whether Brodin was drunk or sober, the courts would not tolerate violence against women.

Brodin was convicted and sentenced to a 15-month community corrections order with 150 hours of unpaid work.

He must also receive treatment for ­alcohol abuse and complete a men’s behavioural change program, 30 hours of which could be accredited to his work hours.

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