LETTER: Mildura Base Hospital does life-saving work

I was recently in Mildura Base Hospital as the result of an anaphylatic shock and was taken there by the paramedics and ambulance staff after they stabilised me.

The anaphylactic shock was very serious and thanks to the ambulance service and subsequently the staff of the emergency department in the base hospital, I have made a full recovery.

Following the treatment in the emergency department I was transferred into the intensive care unit (ICU) ward and I would like to thank the staff of ICU for the care they took of me and for the efficiency of Dr Wilson who ran the ICU ward smoothly but still had time to talk to patients and staff.

Thanks to Dr Terry Cook, the registrar doctor and the wonderful nursing staff.

It matters not whether the hospital is public or private – it is the calibre of staff which counts and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else when a serious incident such as this occurs. Thanks to all.

Eileen Pica,