LETTER: Council rubber stamps VicRoads decisions

Regarding the letter to the editor by our Mayor Simon Clemence headlined, “Islands needed to Correct Bad Behaviour” (SD, July 4) obviously speed signs are not enough. 

In the old days, to understand the road rules, one had to do a driving test which incorporated an understanding of road rules and included roundabouts, so now we have to spend ratepayers money to cover the little lapses they failed to absorb in their testing. 

I have read many letters recently over the matter of roads and safety within our district, some even pertaining to parking tickets. 

The complete scenario of roads in our city and municipality is based on our relationship with VicRoads. 

It appears our council has no say in any matter pertaining to our roads; they endorse all directives from VicRoads without any council input. 

The mayor goes on to state that we should accept these changes, modify our driving and appreciate the fact the Victorian Government is doing something to protect us and our families. 

Point in question, who actually endorsed the speed humps on the roundabout on the intersection of Ninth Street and Pine Avenue, VicRoads or council? 

Why has this particular intersection been deemed an unsafe roundabout requiring speed humps? 

How many fatalities have occurred at this specific intersection requiring this special attention of speed humps? 

Will council now liaise with VicRoads to ensure speed humps will be installed in all roundabouts in Mildura? 

May I suggest to the mayor that council explains exactly and precisely to all residents how much input does council have in regards to implementing VicRoads directives? 

Based on current letters to the editor, it appears platitudes by the mayor, to VicRoads for doing something to protect us and our families really have no meaning in real, on road terms. 

May I suggest, to the mayor, if we need speed bumps at one particular roundabout, then council consider speed bumps at all roundabouts, how about using the recent initiative of VicRoads and install rumble strips on all roads leading to a roundabout.

Then again to further ensure our safety, how about traffic lights at all roundabouts and maybe down the track the council may implement that old road rule law whereby all motor vehicles required a pedestrian proceeding the said vehicle waving a red flag.

 Ian Felton,