LETTER: Milne insults ratepayer group

We refer to the letter by Cr Glenn Milne (Sunraysia Daily, June 14) titled “Ratepayers don’t know the role of councillors”.

Certainly, the ratepayers are ­expecting what councillors promised during council elections, namely restrictions on rate increases.

With his experience as a councillor for more than a decade, is Cr Milne able tell the community how much land is actually maintained by Mildura Rural City Council?

What is the point in reiterating that the council area is 22,330 sq km, when the area has remained unchanged for decades, while rates increased by 55 per cent during the eight years from 2010 to 2018?

The Commonwealth Government, too, is fully aware that the land area of Australia is 7.692 million sq km, but how much infrastructure is maintained in this vast area by ­government at all levels?

Those who read Sunraysia Daily regularly would have noticed that Phil Douglass has never attacked Cr Milne, but Cr Milne seems to grasp at every opportunity to call names and ridicule Mr Douglass. Most councillors, including Cr Milne, lacked a basic understanding of the municipality at the time they were elected, yet they chose to serve on the council.

It is questionable if persons such as Cr Milne, holding public office, should use insulting language, esp­ecially towards the community whom they are supposed to serve.

James Gunaratnam, 

Ratepayers Victoria-Mildura Branch secretary