Bail for ‘public nuisance’

A MAN has been bailed after being labelled a public nuisance and police holding concerns for public safety given he is known to carry dangerous implements.

Daryl Frances Robinson walked out of the custody dock at the Mildura Magistrates’ Court yesterday after being granted bail, despite having an extensive recent history of breaching his bail conditions.

The 55-year-old is accused of chasing a woman between Seventh and Eighth Streets while brandishing a stick, while at the time being banned from entering the Mildura CBD as part of his bail conditions.

When he applied for bail earlier this week, police informant Senior Constable Raef Oliver labelled the accused as a “prolific offender” and public nuisance, telling the court whenever he was in the vicinity of the CBD, police were continually called out to incidents involving the accused.

Police told the court Robinson had previously been found in possession of a homemade shiv and other unusual weapons.

The accused is also facing a charge of attempted theft of a motor vehicle outside Mildura’s Hog’s Breath Café, and in December police allege they found Robinson at a Sixteenth Street house crouched beside a roller door, with the homeowner reporting items from his garage had been moved around.

Early this year Robinson was allegedly captured on CCTV attempting to steal an Engel fridge from the back of a ute. 

Yesterday he appeared before the court after undergoing assessment for the Court Integrated Services Program, which he was found suitable for.

After spending more than a week in custody he was bailed to live at a Colignan address and again banned from entering the Mildura CBD bound by Seventh Street, Eleventh Street, and Orange and Lime Avenues.

He will reappear at court next week.

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