Teenager raids car, house while couple sleep

A MILDURA teenager who broke into a couple’s home while they slept has been sentenced to jail.

Magistrate Andrew McKenna told the 16-year-old he needed to get hold of his problems to avoid spending a life in and out of jail.

The teenager pleaded guilty to a string of charges after breaking into a garage and rifling through a vehicle with two co-accused before stealing two sets of car keys and entering the house through a connecting door.

A 59-year-old occupant woke to see light from a torch and three silhouettes while her husband was asleep upstairs.

The teenager and co-accused stole two laptops, an iPad, watch and wallet, some of which they discarded while fleeing.

In another incident, the teenager made numerous threats to another man, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground.

He also set a number of shrubs on fire during a fire danger period.

Mr McKenna warned him “getting locked up is for old people, for crooks who have been committing crimes for a long time”.

The court was told the teenager had an intellectual disability and on his release would be supervised in support programs.

He was sentenced to 92 days’ jail, already served.

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