LETTER: Ratepayers don’t know the role of councillors

Phil Douglass is up to his old tricks again trying to convince the public he has an understanding of the operations of Mildura Rural City Council. 

It is quite clear that even the Victorian Government understands Mildura Council covers 22,330 sq kms and we maintain services, roads and infrastructure across that area, again more misinformation by Mr Douglass.

Mildura Council has a budget that quite clearly outlines where the funding is spent, the savings, the extra costs and the fact that the council is always looking to reduce costs.

Mildura Council has remained within the State Government’s rate cap even though costs are rising above CPI due to the materials the council uses and the cost of services supplied.

It’s very obvious that the expertise that Mr Douglass is offering would be of little value given his lack of a basic understanding of the municipality.

In fact, Mr Douglass might like to outline exactly who he represents, how many ratepayers are members of the Ratepayers Victoria-Mildura Branch? 

We may then see who is deliberately misleading who.

Glenn Milne, 

Mildura councillor

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