LETTER: Cr Milne doesn’t speak for all of us - Mayor

Councillor Glenn Milne (LTE, Sunraysia Daily, June 11) celebrates a VCAT decision to allow a house to be built on farmland in the Mildura Old Irrigation Area (MOIA) then goes on to call for changes to the Planning Scheme to free up land in the MOIA for development. 

It is interesting to note this call comes at a time when a VCAT hearing officer is considering the appropriateness of three solar installations, two of which are in the MOIA. 

It is equally important to note that Cr Milne’s call does not reflect the thinking of all councillors or the Victorian Government. 

The government actually had to change the planning rules to stop Mildura councillors from carving up the MOIA and to protect it from development, and I for one support that view. 

There may be rare exceptions, such as the value of the truck stop on Seventeenth Street but generally, I and some other councillors will defend irrigated farmland from non-horticultural development.

Those dried off blocks are slowly coming back into production and in the years and decades ahead, people will be grateful that we saved these important food production areas for the long-term benefit of our nation.

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