Bridge vision rejected by the council

REGARDING “On the face of it” (Sunraysia Daily, June 6), a four-lane bridge and a bypass with a second bridge was proposed by the then Country Roads Board (CRB) back in the 1960s and this was vigorously opposed by the then Mildura council.

I can remember attending a meeting in a packed Wesley Hall with members of the public demanding that the CRB go ahead with its plans, with the then mayor and city engineer on the stage vigorously opposing the plan.

From a letter to the editor ­(September 24, 2017) we have since learned that the premier and ­cabinet of the day met in Mildura to make a decision on the acceptance of the CRB plan.

The council had previously made a decision by an 8-1 vote to position the bridge at its present location and the mayor of the day met Cabinet to put the council’s case.

I believe this decision was a ­major mistake driven by people with a village mentality.

Our transport arrangements in this district are dysfunctional and expensive. With our history, why would any rational government put us in a high priority?

I was on another committee, chaired by Barry Bishop, that proposed major realignments but our recommendations were rejected out of hand by the then council.

Lindsay Leake,


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