Dangerous country roads need spending

I READ with disdain about all of the money being spent in Melbourne and suburbs.

Billions on the metro rail system, billions on the Western Distributor and $70 million on a ­bypass for Mordialloc, not forgetting the $1 billion that was given away for not building a road.

When you go past Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Seymour and Sale, it is not another state, it is still called Victoria.

We still pay our registration to VicRoads, we still pay our fuel taxes to the State Government and those on the land pay a lot more. So why can’t we get any money spent on our roads?

We have a deputy commissioner of policing calling for the B and C-class roads in country Victoria to have 80km/h speed limits placed on them because people are dying.

They are dying because of the state of the roads.

They are narrow, pot-holed and falling to pieces at the edges.

Whether you are doing 100, 80 or even 60km/h and you have to move off to the side of the road to let someone pass coming the other way, you have a good chance of losing control of your car by the sides of the roads giving way.

How many Melbourne and metropolitan drivers are killed on these roads? I travel to Melbourne from Merbein about once a month and, from when you leave Red Cliffs ­until you join the A79 just out of Bendigo, we have just two overtaking lanes going down and one coming back in almost 400km each way.

No wonder people get killed on country roads. I know the A79 is a federal road, but the state roads are far worse.

I thought Jeff Kennett was a champ­­ion at being Melbourne-

centric, but our current premier blows him away. There are enough people in country Victoria to unseat Daniel Andrews at the next election.

Ken Barclay,


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