LETTER: Gambling can create changes in behaviour

Regardless of how often a person gambles or the amount of money they spend, gambling-related stress is a side-effect commonly experienced by a large number of Victorians. Think. Is that true for you? 

Is the question posed in a new campaign, which encourages consumers to pause and reflect on whether there is a connection between the stress they may be feeling and their gambling.

Even people who only gamble occasionally can experience negative consequencesFrequently overlooked emotional effects include stress, regret, anxiety, impatience, guilt, anger, annoyance or simply feeling down for no apparent reason.

They may seem minor at first, but the side effects can be cumulative and progressive and affect a person’s health and wellbeing.

Every year around 550,000 Victorians are affected by their own gambling, the majority are unlikely to have realised that there is a relationship between how they’re feeling and their gambling activities.

The foundation’s survey found 48 per cent of Victorian adults are not aware that gambling can lead to negative emotional side effects.

There is good news though. Once a person has that realisation making it go away can be as simple as a few minor adjustments.

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