LETTER: Time for council to act on exorbitant rates

Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) recently announced its intention to increase rates by 2.5 per cent, the maximum allowed under rate cap. 

It was also announced that the median house price in Mildura had increased and this would also affect residential rates.

Shortly after, an article in The Weekly Times (May 15, 2019) titled “Wild ride for council rates” stated that residential rates in Mildura are set to rise by 12.8 per cent. The same article shows the Mildura increase is almost 11 times that of Swan Hill, over seven times that of Shepparton and 42 times that of Loddon. 

I guess we will only find out what the actual percentage increase will be when the next rates invoices arrive.

It begs the questions, just when is this going to end? Where is the representation of the ratepayers in all of this?

While we should soon see the appointment of a new CEO, will this person be different or will we simply see more of the same?

The Mildura ratepayers, residents and wider community deserve far better representation than we have seen from the past three mayors, who have appeared to either lack the will or the strength to address the outrageous escalation of rates and charges levied by MRCC and equally reluctant to push for an effective restructure of council.

Ratepayers Victoria (RVI) is committed to pursuing justice for all ratepayers and residents in this state and will be announcing a meeting in Mildura in late June.

Representatives from RVI will address the meeting to inform Mildura ratepayers and residents of the progress made with government departments in the effort to have the plight of ratepayers heard.

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