LETTER: Cupper: Bromley Road should remain public

Last week I met with stakeholders from Robinvale regarding their concerns over the proposed sale of a parcel of land on Bromley Road for private development.

Public land in prime positions is always highly prized by private developers.  

This is no doubt why one potential bidder for the block of land in question is a multinational fast food chain, keen to get maximum exposure for their business.   

Economic development is important, but not at all costs.  

The land on Bromley road is nestled among historic buildings, memorials and public amenities.  This land would be perfect to attract funding for government investment in a project or space that can be used by the whole community. 

I want to work alongside the community of Robinvale to seek state government funding to develop this part of town – a public space or project that will reflect the uniqueness, history and pride of Robinvale. 

If Swan Hill Rural City flog off this land to the private sector, we lose this opportunity. 

Once public land is gone, you cannot get it back.  

I will be attending tonight’s meeting of the Swan Hill Rural City Council in Robinvale to hear their decision on the sale of this land. 

I hope they can see past the big bucks for the benefit of the Robinvale community.

Ali Cupper,

Member for Mildura

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