Early morning Mildura burnout costly

AN early morning burnout has been a very expensive and time consuming exercise for a young driver. 

Ross Alexander Panaretos was caught doing a burnout by police in the Autobarn carpark in Fifteenth Street last October. 

As a result his Holden Commodore ute was impounded for one month under the hoon law. 

Last week, he pleaded guilty to the charge in the Mildura Magistrates’ Court. The court heard that on the night of the incident he was “immediately apologetic” for his actions. 

As a punishment, his dad sold his car. 

Magistrate Andrew McKenna said it was an “entirely silly and a stupid thing to be doing” and at 18-years of age he should know better.

Panaretos was fined $500 with conviction and must complete the Safe Driver Program. 

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