LIVE: Federal election 2019 Farrer results, rolling coverage

Live updates

10.40: And that's a wrap for the night. Liberal MP Sussan Ley has retained the seat of Farrer.

9.53: Meanwhile, nationally, the election has been called for the Coalition.




8.21: ABC election analyst Antony Green has just spoken on Farrer and it looks like he thinks it's done: "Kevin Mack's not going to win from 20 per cent, it doesn't matter what happens with the other preferences."

8.17: Independent candidate Kevin Mack: "It's not over until it's over, but I think we've taken margin off the incumbent, which is a good start and we'll see what happens at the end of the night."

Liberal MP Sussan Ley has just under 50 per cent of first preferences, and over 60 per cent after, putting her in the box seat.




7.38: Sussan Ley continues to hold a strong lead with 13,305 (49.58%) from Kevin Mack on 5675 (21.1%). Labor's Kieran Drabsch is the next best on 3993 (14.8%). Forty six booths have been counted.

7.02pm: In Farrer Sussan Ley (Liberal) has 3303 first preferences in early counting to Kevin Mack (independent) on 1403 with 19 booths counted.


6.16pm: Farrer promises to be a close race. Bookmakers had Sussan Ley and Kevin Mack neck-and-neck prior to today.

Earlier, at Buronga's Midway Centre, the Liberals and United Australia Party each had people on the ground handing out how-to-vote cards, but not Mr Mack's team.


The AEC are tracking Liberal MP Sussan Ley and independent Kevin Mack when counting preferences, as expected.

If one of them gets a 50% of the primary vote, it won't matter. But if neither does, then ballots which had other candidates as No.1 will effectively be sorted into a pile for Ms Ley and a pile for Mr Mack to determine a winner.

5.50pm: Welcome to Sunraysia Daily's live coverage. We're close to the beginning of the count!