LETTER: Orchestra was a great night out and enjoyed

With all the negativity going on around Australia at the moment my wife and I were delighted to attend an event in Mildura last Saturday night.

There were no advertisements belittling people, no advertisements saying what a terrible state the country was in. Just a wonderful evening of entertainment.

I refer to the 10 Year Anniversary Concert held at the Mildura Arts Centre. What a delightful concert by the Mildura District Orchestra (MDO) ably augmented with members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and other artists from Mildura and especially the young orchestra ensemble Fling. 

As usual it was a pity that more people did not attend the concert but this seems to be the norm for people of this area of Victoria. Give them something that is so professional from local people and they will run a mile. Their loss was our gain.

Congratulations to the participants for providing us with such a wonderful night of entertainment and personal congratulations to the wonderful Alison MacGregor. She should be the next Prime Minister. Damn! I was not going to mention politics.

Bob Utber,