LETTER: Ray’s the man to take us into the future

We need drastic steps for the development of the Mallee region and I believe independent Ray Kingston is the man to be the next Member for Mallee.

He will not have his hand on the purse strings but will have a strong influence towards it.

Mr Kingston is not a man with politics as one of his college subjects, who then joined a political party and wrestled himself to the top of a party just to play politics.

He’s a local farmer, has a family with young children, has been in government as a mayor in Warracknabeal and was the initiator of the silo trail.

Nobody has to tell him what is needed here, he knows that we need better infrastructure, better health facilities and specialists.

Instead of that people need to travel to Melbourne.

We need education here for future technologies for agriculture and industries.

We need guaranteed secur­ity of water for food on our plates and for leisure and more tourism, work opportunities.

Our populations are declining while the bigger cities are bursting at the seams.

A prosperous Mallee will be good for all the nation.

Astrid van den Akker-Luttmer,