Man tries to dump drugs in police van

A RED Cliffs man yelled racial slurs at a group of Aboriginal men before trying to dispose of cocaine in a police divisional van, a court has heard. 

Samuel Jaska, 21, fronted Mildura Magistrates’ Court yesterday after being arrested on Sunday, when he was found by police driving an unregistered vehicle while unlicensed.

During a search of the vehicle on Ninth Street, cannabis was seized and Jaska was found to have two outstanding ­warrants.

He yesterday pleaded guilty to a raft of charges dating back to December last year when, after leaving Dom’s nightclub, he yelled racial slurs at the men in the Mildura CBD and attempted to engage them in a fight.

Police gave Jaska a direction to move on, however was again found being aggressive and behaving irrationally and was arrested for being drunk in a public place.

While in the police van and at the police station, he yelled obscenities at ­officers.

During a search, a resealable bag of canna­bis and another of cocaine was found on ­Jaska and a “large amount” of cocaine also found on the floor of the police van, where he had attempted to dispose of it.

Solicitor Hugh Middleton told the court there was no excuse for Jaska’s offending, but said at the end of the week, having worked an average of 50 hours, he got into a habit of “kicking up his heels”.

Jaska also claimed that, due to being on a low apprentice wage, he had not applied to get back his licence after it was cancelled in March last year,.

However Magistrate Andrew McKenna told Jaska cannabis and cocaine didn’t come cheap and he had also drunk his money away.

He was fined $1200 with conviction and released from custody.

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