‘A vote for the Nats is a vote for Barnaby’: Jason Modica hits back at ads

Independent Mallee candidate Jason Modica.
Independent Mallee candidate Jason Modica.

MALLEE candidate Jason Modica has hit back at The Nationals over television ads warning Mildura residents against voting for independents.

The ad said a vote for an independent was a vote for a Labor government.

“This election, if you gamble on independents, you’ll get Bill Shorten,” the ad said.

But Mr Modica described the ad’s central claim as “a long stretch” and said people needed to consider what a vote for Nationals candidate Anne Webster represented.

“I think the ads are a little bit disingenuous, because a vote for The Nationals and their candidate is a vote for Barnaby Joyce and more destruction and depletion of our natural resources,” he said.

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