Child’s huff ban

A CHILD has been granted bail for the second time in a week with strict conditions preventing him from entering the Mildura CBD or possessing an aerosol can.

The 14-year-old spent two days in custody following his arrest last Saturday, however after being granted bail he again sat in the custody dock before a children’s court.

The boy is facing a string of charges relating to shop thefts and chroming, whereby someone inhales household chemicals or solvents, such as spray paint, to get high.

The accused was arrested after he allegedly was captured on CCTV inhaling the fumes of an aerosol can in the Mildura CBD while encouraging two others to follow suit.

The footage also showed a young person lying on the footpath partially conscious.

He was again arrested after he and three co-accused attended Coles’ Fifteenth Street store and Big W and allegedly stole numerous items before attempting to run from police along San Mateo Avenue.

He is also accused of stealing numerous items from three other businesses across April, including six aerosol deodorants which he concealed down his pants.

The child is banned from Mildura Central shopping centre for 12 months due to antisocial behaviour and numerous thefts, however the court was told he had breached that ban numerous times since it was imposed in November.

Defence counsel Hugh Middleton asked for a supervisory order to ensure he was engaged in education and spoke to professionals about the harmful risks of chroming.

Addressing the teenager, Magistrate Nunzio La Rosa questioned him about the effect his offending was having on his parents and warned him about the very real consequences of his behaviour.

“Look at your parents, do they look happy?” he asked.

“Each time you inhale a substance from an aerosol can, you’re one step closer to doing irreparable damage to your brain.”

He was released on bail to reappear at a children’s court in June.

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