LETTER: When the dust settles, reality is easily seen

THE “great dust storm of 2019” was spectacular and most memorable as has been commented on widely.

And yes, Cr Glenn Milne, it was a photographer’s dream and also an inconvenience given the clean up we have all had to face.

These are trivial though when the serious aspect of these events are considered.

This is vital topsoil from farms, representing the result of the dry conditions we have endured now for so long.

It may even be connected to climate change for which the current Federal Liberal-National Party government has paid scant attention to and has no real policy to manage.

Some in these parties deny climate change exists.

Maybe Anne Webster could tell her party about this storm, along with the Darling River fish kills, rising average temperatures in recent summers, the stressed Murray Darling basin and the impacts on communities and the environment.

Serious attention must be paid to these events, rather than the trivialising of them as photo opportunities and mere inconvenience or denying their significance, unlikely to happen until we change our government at federal level, hopefully, on May 18.

Jenny Gibbons,