LETTER: Modica shines as best independent for Mallee

KUDOS to Sunraysia Daily for hosting the candidates forum last week, and for doing this at every election.

I didn’t make it but watched the recording on Facebook later that night.

How fantastic that we have this technology to help better inform people so that we can contribute meaningfully through our vote.

Jason Modica was a standout candidate for me,and Ray Kingston also spoke really well.

The mood was for true representation by a candidate who will listen and remain truly independent in Parliament. Bring it on.

It was great to see everyone agree on the return of the passenger rail – will it ever happen?

Not so with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan Royal Commission, which I think really showed candidate’s true commitment to this electorate and to our future generations.

If we let government get away with destroying our precious river system we only have ourselves to blame.

We can hold them accountable – don’t vote them back in.

I have watched Jason Modica’s representation for this electorate get stronger and stronger. This really shone at the candidates forum.

He has evolved during this campaign to become the most impressive of the independents because of a really deep understanding of the issues in a political context.

This is very, very important. It’s one thing for someone to have an understanding because of their lived experience of an issue (also important), but it’s another to be able to listen to others’ experiences and understand how to represent them even if it’s not your own experience.

This is what politicians should do, but most don’t.

Deborah Bogenhuber,