LETTER: Clive and Pauline are keeping pollies honest

WITH the media supporting the Abbott backers, like Peta Credlin, we are led to believe that Pauline and Clive won’t have a ghost of a chance at the upcoming election.

Clive has spent a bucket of money on advertising, exposing the truth about the two big parties, but they have brushed off his claims of cutting billions from education budgets and Chinese-owned ports and runways.

We would not have known about these things if Clive had not told us. I bet there’s much more that we aren’t being told.

 The political system is in tatters, with lies and dishonesty about  dual citizenship, expense rorts and mudslinging – typical at election time.

The system needs a complete overhaul – it isn’t working for us.

Who is going to fix the wretched system?

Jay Nauss,

Glen Aplin