LETTER: Majors running scared

I READ with interest the headline in Monday’s Sunraysia Daily “Dirty deals” and then commented to ­myself “surprise, surprise”.

Blind Freddy will realise that the two major parties in the election are running scared.

The fact that it is more than 

likely that both Labor and Liberal candidates in the seats of Mallee and Indi will give preferences to each other speaks highly of the panic that has set in.

Let us hope that voters in Indi and Mallee are a wake-up to the treachery of the major parties.

Independent candidates have commented without giving much away, only to virtually say “it’s not cricket”.

While they may rely on preference votes to accede to their respective seats, they should not fear the love-in created by the ­Labor and Liberal hierarchies. With friends like these two, who needs enemies?

Ms Moar and Messrs Jason Modica and Ray Kingston have much going for them in the seat of Mallee and in particular that they have no big organisations backing them.

Good luck to them in taking their passions to the people.

The Liberal candidate for Mallee Serge Petrovich was not available for comment. He missed the candidates’ forum in Mildura last week in favour of going to another function in the same town. That says much about the Libs’ shenanigans.

Voters in Mildura and environs should remember what happened over the river in NSW last month – a 27 per cent swing against the ­incumbent.

These Davids will play a big part against their battle with the Goliaths. We know who won that event.

Robert Utber,