LETTER: Mallee tables can turn

MICHAEL DiFabrizio in his analysis (Sunraysia Daily, April 13) notes the lack of interest in the seat of Mallee by the national media.

This is not surprising, seeing that the seat has been held by The Nat­ionals by such a large margin for so many years, in some years the largest margin in the nation.

However, Adrian Kidd, in 1993 when he stood as the Liberal candidate, missed out by just 736 votes out of 73,472 valid votes cast – if only 369 voters changed their minds in favour of Mr Kidd there would have been a different result.

While that was a contest ­between Coalition partners, it never­theless showed The Nationals can be challenged.

This year circumstances are not “normal” – we have seen our local National member forced to retire after a scandal, there is the turmoil at senior levels in the Coalition, ­locally the crisis in the Murray-Darling Basin, and clim­ate change.

 While the margin that needs to change is large, we have seen the loss of the Mildura seat (also once held by The Nationals by the biggest margin in the state) to an independent who was once a member of the Labor Party. Then we have seen The Nationals decimated in the recent NSW elections.

I believe that if there is a tight ­exchange of preferences (putting Nationals and Liberals last) then one of the non-Coalition candidates will have a very good chance.

I suspect some of the national media did not believe that Ali Cupper had won until she was actually sworn in.

Lindsay Leake,