LETTER: Problem with parties is you have to toe the line

In the last few days Andrew Broad has made a number of comments in the media and recently in the Swan Hill Guardian that he was thrilled with the government’s (read taxpayer’s money my insertion) significant commitment to provide an opportunity for a much needed new hospital. 

The Swan Hill community deserves a new hospital and the time frame of this funding will allow maximum opportunity to build new hospital facilities for Swan Hill – will this funding still be available when the Coalition lose the election?

Mr Broad is our Member of Parliament but the National Party, I would imagine, did not have him in the promotional photograph, rather the Liberal and National candidates once again. 

They appear to have shown little respect or concern for the current MP and have used their candidate only to make announcements which Mr Broad should have made, and I believe would have, if he had been allowed. 

This is the problem of being a “party” member as you have to toe the line and I am sure Mr Broad has had more to do with the funding which has been allocated immediately before this election than the candidate.

The National Party has done what was allowed but has it done what is right and fair? I think not. 

If it was not running scared it would have shared the funding announcements with the other candidates and given everyone a photo/media opportunity which is what this is. 

The National Party has neglected this area and when it is time to vote, I hope we do not forget that. 

The voters are not stupid and can see that this is not the Australian way of a “fair go” for all.

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